What is Plastic Free July®?

We get asked this every year so we thought we'd do a little post about it....

PFJ is an annual challenge, designed to address the increasing problem of plastic pollution that is happening in our oceans and in our communities. The vision is to eliminate single use plastic and it all starts with us, looking at how much we use in our day to day lives. Once you delve in, it’s surprising how much it all adds up.

The campaign encourages you to make a commitment during the month of July to swap some of your single use items for sustainable alternatives.

Since its inception in 2011, it has now become a global movement with over 100+ million participants in 190 countries (PFJ). They hope by making small changes for a month you will be inspired to adopt them long-term.

Check out their website, it’s packed with resources to help you make the changes; everything from packaged lunches to household waste and of course swapping to soaps. Visit them here:

Examples Of Swaps:

Shower gel - Soap

Bottled shampoo - Solid bars

Plastic shower puff - Natural loofah sponge

Plastic sanitary products - Reusable wear

Sellotape – Eco-friendly packing tape

Cling film – Wax wraps or re-usable covers

Packaged foods and liquids – Refill options 

Plastic sponges – Cellulose sponge

Plastic bin liners – Compostable or no bin liners

Plastic wrapped fruit & Veg - Local farm shop


Tip: It can sometimes be overwhelming trying to do everything, I’ve definitely felt it over the years, so cut yourself some slack and choose 1 thing to start with and go from there. 

Our commitment to Plastic Free July 2023

Last year we focused on food packaging & salad bags, something we always end up buying at this time of year and this year it's still something we are working on...perfection is sadly impossible and we're ok with that! Finding salad in plastic free packaging is NOT easy but we are lucky to have our veg delivered from a local farm (The Paddock), who supply plastic free to our door.

It's worth researching your local area to find out where you can source local, plastic free produce...and you'll be supporting your local farmers. 

Good luck if you're taking part this year. 

Andrea x